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Our mission is to organize Marathon results from all over the world and to allow each runner to build her certified list of Marathon achievements. For example: see the results of the current world record holder Kelvin Kiptum by clicking the image on the right.
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Your Results

Searching by name is easy. Just type it to the search box that is located at the center of the home page and at the upper right corner of each page. However, in most cases, the name is not enough. Several people might share the same name (see John Smith as an example). Moreover, it might be that you ran under different names for all sorts of reasons. We provide a way to overcome these issues and build your own personal page. It starts by becoming a member of our site. This is a simple operation and it's free.

Our Database

We have 24,311,698 Marathon results in our database. These were obtained in 17,751 races over the last 100+ years.
It spans the globe. We have results from 98 countries from all five continents.
Latest event in the database is Marathon du Vignoble d'Alsace 2024 (21 days ago) .

Missing Results?

Our database is not complete. We try to cover as much as possible but still, some results are missing. We will do our best to complete omissions. We urge you to contact and report missing results. We promise to provide a concrete resolution in any case.

We Have Errors

There are problems in our data. We know that because it's a big database and most big enough set of data, contains errors. If you encounter errors, please report them. We highly appreciate these reports and consider them a favour to us.

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The design of this site was created by Yifat Menchick.

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